Core Concept

PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pumps are designed to transfer acid or alkali chemical fluids. The materials of stainless steel SUS316L, GF-RPP and CFR-ETFE are used for better corrosion resistance. The sealless design comes with leak-free feature to avoid potential hazardous chemical leak for better environmental protection.

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Brand Story

Environmental protection and user safety are always been the main focus of PTCXPUMP product development, The chemical pump structure is designed in the form of sealless magnetic drive, sealless design is to solve the leakage caused by mechanical seals and VOCs problem.


PTCXPUMP is a professional sealless magnetic drive pump manufacturer in Taiwan, with more than 40 years of experience in chemical fluid transfer solutions, we completed research and development and started mass production in 2014. The product materials provide engineering plastics GFRPP and CFRETFE, and stainless steel material SUS316L is available for selection, pump is being used in various range of chemical fluid, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, toluene, ethanol and other high corrosion or flammable chemical fluids.


PTCXPUMP with sealless leakage free feature, products come with high-standard production processes and material selection, we follow standardization of internal work processes and enhance the reliability of product competitiveness and quality. Products are widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, energy, semiconductor, optoelectronic, electronic, environmental protection and other industries.

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Reading and understand the Pump Performance Curve

We need to understand the operating condition in the consideration for pump selecting in previously introduced. After understanding the basic concepts, it is necessary to explain how to read the "pump performance curve (H-Q curve)". The performance of each pump model is different, and the most suitable pump must be selected according to the pump performance specifications and the operating conditions provided by the customer.


In the performance curve diagram, the horizontal axis is the CAPACITY (Q), the left side of the vertical axis is the HEAD (H), and the right side of the vertical axis is the EFFICIENCY (%) and shaft power.

The first gray straight dotted line is the shaft power curve under the maximum diameter of the impeller, the second gray straight dotted line is the shaft power curve under the minimum diameter of the impeller, and the red straight line(POWER) is the pump shaft power performance curve that meets the operating requirements provided by the customer.


The first gray dotted curve in the figure is the performance curve under the maximum diameter of the impeller, the second gray dotted curve is the performance curve under the minimum diameter of the impeller, and the red curve(TDH) is the performance curve that meets the customer's operating requirements of the pump, we call duty point, which is what we get by adjusting the size of the impeller, showing the relationship between capacity and head. The green curve(EFF) is the operating efficiency of the pump.



According to the flow demand of the horizontal axis, you can find the duty point by comparing the red curve upwards. By comparing the duty point to the left and right vertical axis, we can know the head and efficiency; then comparing the red line upwards, from the intersection (shaft power) to the right vertical axis, we can know how much the power is under this operating condition.


The efficiency of the pump depends on the duty point, and the change of the duty point will also have a great impact on the field process, so the correct selection of the pump is very important.

Best Solution For Chemical Transfer 
 PTCXPUMP Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump
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