Core Concept

PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pumps are designed to transfer acid or alkali chemical fluids. The materials of stainless steel SUS316L, GF-RPP and CFR-ETFE are used for better corrosion resistance. The sealless design comes with leak-free feature to avoid potential hazardous chemical leak for better environmental protection.

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Brand Story

Environmental protection and user safety are always been the main focus of PTCXPUMP product development, The chemical pump structure is designed in the form of sealless magnetic drive, sealless design is to solve the leakage caused by mechanical seals and VOCs problem.


PTCXPUMP is a professional sealless magnetic drive pump manufacturer in Taiwan, with more than 40 years of experience in chemical fluid transfer solutions, we completed research and development and started mass production in 2014. The product materials provide engineering plastics GFRPP and CFRETFE, and stainless steel material SUS316L is available for selection, pump is being used in various range of chemical fluid, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, toluene, ethanol and other high corrosion or flammable chemical fluids.


PTCXPUMP with sealless leakage free feature, products come with high-standard production processes and material selection, we follow standardization of internal work processes and enhance the reliability of product competitiveness and quality. Products are widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, energy, semiconductor, optoelectronic, electronic, environmental protection and other industries.

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Five Types of Flange Faces

Flanges play an important role in connecting pipes, besides knowing the basic types of flanges, it is necessary to further understand the form and application of flange faces. In addition, since the specifications of flanges are very diverse, the standard classification of flanges also needs to be paid attention to when selecting them. The common flange standards will be introduced in the next article.


What are the commonly used flange faces?

flange faces

1. Flat Face (FF): The smooth surface and simple structure make it easy to process the corrosion-resistant lining. Using full-face gasket to cover the entire flange sealing surface. Due to the large contact area between the sealing surface and the gasket, after pre-tightening, the gasket is easily moved to both sides and be squeezed out of the sealing surface. It is well suited to low pressure and low temperature applications. Flange gaskets are generally divided into metal gaskets and non-metal gaskets, flat face flanges use non-asbestos gaskets.
flange face_flat face(FF)


2. Raised Face (RF): The smooth surface and simple structure make it easy to process. Because of its easy installation, it is the most widely used type of flange employed in the oil and gas and chemical engineering industries. The contact surface of the gasket protrudes from the bolting circle face, concentrating the pressure on a smaller gasket area, thereby increasing the pressure containment capability. Applicable gasket materials include non-metallic flat-ring gaskets and metallic spiral wound gaskets and metal jacketed gaskets.
flange face_raised face(RF)

3. Ring Type Joint (RTJ): The metal ring is placed in the groove, and the gasket will not be pressed into the groove. The compression area is small, and the pressure of the gasket is uniform. When the bolt is tightened, the metal ring is compressed to form a tight seal. Because the gasket and the medium are not in direct contact, it can be used in applications with strict sealing requirements, such as high temperature and high pressure, flammable, explosive and toxic media. Ring type joint flanges use oval ring gaskets or octagonal ring gaskets.
flange face_ring type joint(RTJ)

4. Male and Female (MFM): It consists of a male face and a female face, which are used in pairs and are easy to align during installation. Placing the gasket on the female face can prevent the gasket from being extruded, so it can be used in applications with high pressure and strict sealing requirements, but it is not easy to replace the gasket. However, the gasket may still be squeezed out when the male and female flanges are used under high temperature operating conditions. Applicable gasket materials include non-metallic flat gaskets, metallic spiral wound gaskets and metal jacketed gaskets.
flange face_male and female(MFM)

Tongue and Groove (TG): It consists of a tongue flange and a groove flange, which are used in pairs. The tongue flange is manufactured with a raised ring that is machined into its face, and the groove flange is produced with a matching depression machined onto its face. Placing the gasket in the groove flange, so the compression area is small, the gasket is uniformly stressed, and it is not easy to be extruded. Because the gasket is not in direct contact with the medium, the sealing effect is good, and it can be used in high pressure, flammable, explosive and toxic media, etc. Tongue and Groove flanges use metal and non-metallic flat gaskets, metallic spiral wound gaskets and metal jacketed gaskets.
flange face_tongue and groove

The above is the basic description of the flange faces. When choosing the flange installed with the pump, it is recommended to consult with professionals before   select it.

PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pump provides standard flange specifications(ANSI,JIS,DIN) for easy pipeline connection. It can adjust screw hole position to avoid leakage of inlet and outlet.

Best Solution For Chemical Transfer 》
 PTCXPUMP Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump
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