PTC-400 ~ PTC-675

Material: GFRPP / CFRETFE Max. Head: 46m Max. Capacity: 1006L/m Motor Power: 0.37~7.5kw


Materials of GFRPP and CFRETFE are available for selection. All materials are raw and pure for better corrosion resistance.
Front Casing
Removable flange design is for easy pipeline connection.
Universal Flange
Universal flange design for three specific types of piping connections which are ANSI, JIS, and DIN.
Shaft Support
One-piece shaft supporter injection is to reduce operating vibration which may cause fall-offs.
Impeller + Inner Magnet
One-piece design of impeller is to increase stability of the operation.
Patented special flow channel design is to prevent crystallization when temperature changes in operation.
Anti-vortex design for rear casing is to prevent abrasion caused by impurity substances.
Rear Casing
Special structure design of no extra metal supporter is to provide better pressure resistance and durability.
Polypropylene material provides excellent corrosion resistance and is light weighted.

Product Description

PTCXPUMP series provides engineering plastics material for GFR-PP and CFR-ETFE, corrosion resistant characteristics and sealless structure design. Our products exhibit no leakage problem and have been widely used to transfer chemical liquid, such as corrosive, toxic, flammable or explosive dangerous chemicals.

The product components include a variety of innovative designs to improve stability and reduce the operating vibration of the one-piece shaft supporter. The adjustable and universal flange design is to avoid leakage.

The patented design of the flow channel circulation through the bearing system is to release heat to prevent temperature rise from the mechanical heat generated by rotation. The rear casing provides an anti-vortex design structure to avoid leakage by impurities abrasion surface of the rear casing.



Suction/Discharge Size

Standard Performance

Max Capacity

Motor Output

Suction Discharge 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
PTC-400 40 40 100-10.6 100-11 260 260 0.37
PTC-401 40 40 150-16 150-16.5 320 330 0.75
PTC-402 50 40 200-21.7 200-22.8 415 470 1.5
PTC-403 50 40 250-23.9 250-30 490 520 2.2
PTC-405 50 40 250-27.8 250-42 549 545 3.7
PTC-605 65 50 500-25.5 500-26.5 900 900 3.7
PTC-675 65 50 530-27 530-40 1007 1006 5.5/7.5