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Environmental Technology Application

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for Environmental Technology

To protect the environment, start with the details.
With the increasingly vigorous development of industry, a large amount of polluting waste gas will be produced in the process of diversified industrial manufacturing and combustion. These air pollutants will cause great harmful effects on the environment and human health. Therefore, these air pollutants must be controlled by environmental laws, so these waste gases must be cleaned and neutralized before they can be discharged into the environment. For this reason, we use acid-base fluids to neutralize the chemical components in the waste gas or remove particulate impurities. This process is called waste gas treatment or waste gas purification.

Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

Exhaust gas treatment equipment is a treatment equipment that can make various harmful gases used in the manufacturing process harmless and then discharge them safely. Depending on the type or amount of gas discharged, treatment methods include wet, dry and catalytic cleaning techniques, etc. Today's common waste gas treatment equipment is mostly scrubbers and activated carbon adsorption, which are widely used in industrial waste gas purification and dust removal to achieve the purpose of air purification.

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for Environmental Technology

Scrubber Tower
The waste gas is treated in the scrubber to neutralize the acidity and alkalinity of the gas and remove particulate pollutants in the waste gas.

Activated Carbon Adsorption
The pores of the activated carbon material are used to absorb the gas of the odor component to eliminate the odor.
Since the scrubber tower is currently the most widely used, the following describes its operating principle.

How Wet Scrubbers Work to Remove Air Pollution?

Scrubbers are devices to control air pollution and used to remove some particulates and harmful gases from industrial exhaust gases. Common types of scrubbers are packed tower, spray column, plate absorption tower, and the most widely used of the above scrubber styles is the packed tower scrubber, which is suitable for high-efficiency operating environments, such as semiconductor and optoelectronic manufacturing plants.

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for Environmental Technology

The bottom of the packed tower scrubber is a recirculation tank, and there is an air inlet above the tank. There is a washing liquid inlet connected to the nozzle at the top of the tower. There is a section of inert solid packing in the tower. The packing has a large area allows the liquid to come into close contact with the gas. The waste gas is transported from the bottom inlet of the scrubber to the tower body by the fan, and the washing liquid added with chemical substances is sprayed down from the top of the tower in the form of mist or drops, and the sprayed liquid flows in the opposite direction through the gap of the packing, so that the gas fully contact with the liquid, carry out chemical reaction. The chemical reaction is adsorbing the acidic or alkaline pollutants in the gas to the washing liquid, letting the acid and alkali gas be neutralized, and the pollutants compound and precipitate in the circulating water, and then the purified gas will be separated from the contaminated liquid, then entered the fan and discharged upwards from the chimney to the atmosphere, thereby producing a washing effect. After washing, the waste liquid is collected into the recirculation tank at the bottom of the tower, and then discharged into the wastewater system for treatment.

Application of Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps in Scrubbers

In the scrubber system, the pump is also an indispensable member. The washing liquid mentioned above must be pumped to the top of the tower, and then passed through the nozzle, and the washing liquid containing chemical substances will be sprayed down from the top of the tower in a mist form. After the waste gas is purified, the liquid flows to the bottom recirculation tank, and part of the liquid needs to be pumped into the scrubber again to continue the process of circulation and neutralization; the other part is to discharge the polluted liquid to the sewage treatment plant.

Since the washing liquid contains acidic and alkaline chemical substances, "corrosion resistance" naturally becomes one of the essential elements of the recirculation pump. This part is quite suitable for the use of a sealless magnetic drive pump, which can effectively prevent the danger caused by the leakage of chemical liquid.

Application of Scrubbers

  • Treatment of various harmful gases or malodorous gases
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Semiconductor industry process
  • PCB industry process
  • Electroplating and coating engineering in the electronic components industry
  • Metals and steel industry
  • Waste gas treatment in landfill
  • Treatment of waste gas from incinerators and industrial furnaces

The above-mentioned related industries are all applied to waste gas treatment equipment to comply with the laws and regulations on waste gas emissions.

PTCXPUMP Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump Can Be Safely Applied To:

  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Semiconductor Industry and PCB Industry Process
  • Treatment of Waste Gas from Landfill and Incinerators
  • Metals and Steel Industry

PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pump is used in the waste gas treatment equipment to provide you with the best solution to transfer fluid. The design without mechanical seal, which is different from traditional mechanical seal pumps, can effectively avoid leakage, and the material is GFR-PP and CFR-ETFE, which has excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for transporting highly corrosive liquid such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and acetic acid or flammable and explosive fluids.

In the PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pump series, PTC-100 ~ PTC-251 are for small applications, and PTC-400 ~ PTC-675 are for medium and large applications. There are various models to meet your various operating needs. PTCXPUMP is committed to becoming your preferred choice for resting assured to use pumps.

Contact us and our professional team will work with you to select the best pump for your waste gas treatment application.