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Offshore Wind Energy Application

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for Offshore Wind Energy

Global Energy Situation

Global energy demand is constantly increasing with population growth and economic development. In 2021, global energy demand reached 154,000 TWh, and is expected to increase to 205,000 TWh by 2040.
Currently, global energy supply is mainly based on fossil fuels, accounting for about 80% of global energy supply. However, the burning of fossil fuels produces greenhouse gases, which are the main cause of climate change.
In response to climate change, countries around the world are actively promoting energy transition and accelerating the development and utilization of renewable energy. Renewable energy includes solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, and biomass energy. These energies significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production process, and are taken from nature and can be recycled indefinitely. Therefore, they are cleaner and more sustainable.

Global Energy Development Trend - Energy Transition

In 2021, global renewable energy generation reached 26,000 TWh, accounting for 20% of global total power generation. It is expected that renewable energy generation will increase to 60,000 TWh by 2040, accounting for 30% of global total power generation. With the advancement of renewable energy technology and the decline in costs, renewable energy will have a place in global energy supply in the future. In addition to maximizing or eliminating carbon emissions, maximizing the use of natural resources, and improving energy efficiency. In the task of energy transition, offshore wind energy has become a hot topic among governments and global organizations due to its forward-looking development. Currently, many countries are developing the offshore wind energy industry.

What Is Offshore Wind Energy?

Offshore wind energy is a type of renewable energy that uses offshore wind to generate electricity. The wind is converted into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy. It has the advantages of clean, pollution-free and sustainable development.
Offshore wind energy technologies mainly include wind turbines, power transmission systems and infrastructure. Wind turbines are the core equipment of offshore wind energy, mainly composed of blades, generators, towers and foundations. The power transmission system is a system that transmits power generated by wind turbines to land and is mainly composed of submarine cables and land power grids. The foundation is the equipment used to fix the entire wind turbine, mainly including foundation piles, screw piles and floating platforms.

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for Offshore Wind Energy

Pumps Used in Offshore Wind Energy Technology

PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pump also fulfills its responsibility for environmental protection. It has the characteristics of no leakage, maintenance-free, high efficiency, and low noise. It is often used in offshore wind turbines:

  1. Wind Turbine Cooling System: Wind turbines generate heat during operation, and a cooling system is required to maintain the proper operating temperature. A sealless magnetic drive pump can be used to circulate the coolant, which lowers the temperature of the wind turbine and ensures that the generator operates properly.
    Here are some common wind turbine coolants:
    Pure water: Pure water is a common coolant that can effectively absorb and dissipate heat for wind turbine cooling purposes. However, the freezing point of pure water is low, so antifreeze measures must be considered in cold regions.
    Antifreeze coolant: In cold climates, pure water may freeze and affect the operation of wind turbines. To prevent freezing, ethylene glycol or propylene glycol are often used as coolants. These mixtures can lower the freezing point of the liquid, have good antifreeze properties, and are relatively inexpensive.
  2. Lubrication System: Generators usually require lubricating oil to keep them running smoothly. The pumps deliver lubricating oil to critical components of the wind turbine, such as bearings and gearboxes. Such a major task can be safely entrusted to the sealless magnetic drive pump, which can provide efficient and reliable lubrication to protect the mechanical equipment of offshore wind turbines.
  3. Drainage System: The sealless magnetic drive pump can provide efficient and reliable drainage to prevent the mechanical equipment of the offshore wind turbine from being damaged by moisture.

The application of sealless magnetic drive pumps is very important in the field of offshore wind energy, which can improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of offshore wind energy. The use of reliable pumps can ensure the stability and life of the unit, and the PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pump with no leakage concerns and frequent maintenance is an ideal choice for your offshore wind energy project.

The Development Trend of Offshore Wind Energy

  1. The scale is getting bigger and bigger: the scale of offshore wind energy is expanding year by year, and many countries in the world are using excellent wind farms to develop offshore wind energy projects.
  2. The cost is getting lower and lower: the cost of offshore wind energy is decreasing year by year, and it already has certain economic benefits.
  3. Technology is becoming increasingly mature: Offshore wind energy technology and research continue to develop, and offshore wind farms can be built and operated in deep sea areas.
  4. The environmental impact is gradually reduced: Offshore wind power pays more attention to environmental protection in construction and operation, adopting various measures to reduce the impact on the marine environment.

Offshore wind power is regarded as a renewable energy with great development potential. With the advancement of technology and the reduction of cost, offshore wind power will become a more important source of electricity in the future.

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for Offshore Wind Energy

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for Offshore Wind Energy Application

PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pump is used in offshore wind power equipment, providing you with the best solution to transport coolant. The design without mechanical seal, which is different from traditional mechanical seal pumps, can effectively avoid leakage, and the material is GFR-PP, CFR-ETFE and SUS316L, which has excellent corrosion resistance, and there is no need to worry about corrosion problems caused by marine environments.

In the PTCXPUMP sealless magnetic drive pump series, there are various models to meet your various operating needs. PTCXPUMP is committed to becoming your preferred choice for resting assured to use pumps.
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