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  • Industrial Application of Ultra-Low Temperature Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump: Electronic Fluoride Liquid Transportation

Industrial Application of Ultra-Low Temperature Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump: Electronic Fluoride Liquid Transportation

Industrial Application of Ultra-Low Temperature Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump: Electronic Fluoride Liquid Transportation

Next Generation Cooling Technology: Immersion Cooling

In the modern today, AI chips are rapidly growing demand, and the specifications and scales requirements for server are getting more higher and complex. The heat dissipation problems caused by high-speed computing and complex AI workloads must be solved. Therefore, how to effectively cool the system and reduce operating costs is an urgently needed solution for data centers and AI servers.

In order to effectively solve the heat dissipation problem, a new generation of cooling technology - "immersion cooling" has emerged. Compared with traditional fans or refrigeration air-conditioning, because it does not require a large amount of air flow, it can save more space, and reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while maintaining the stability of the server, allowing the chip to have higher computing performance.

How Immersion Cooling Technology Works?

Immersion cooling is a type of liquid cooling technology that involves immersing high-temperature electronic components that require cooling in a cooling tank. The coolant efficiently absorbs heat from the chips, achieving rapid heat dissipation to maintain the system's operating temperature within a safe range.

To achieve optimal results, the coolant needs to be a non-conductive liquid to ensure that the electronic components are not affected in any way during the immersion cooling process. Fluorinated liquids are an ideal choice due to their excellent thermal conductivity and non-conductive properties, making them widely used in immersion cooling systems.

Immersion cooling systems are divided into single-phase and two-phase. The following describes how they operate:

Single-Phase Immersion Cooling

The server is fully immersed in the cooling tank, and the heat energy of the chip is conducted through the flow of coolant to quickly dissipate heat for the chip. After absorbing the heat energy, the coolant whose temperature rises is then pumped to a cooling tower to release heat. After cooling, the coolant flows back to the server and continues the cycle of operation.
※Heat is dissipated through the flow of coolant. [Only liquid→single phase]

Two-Phase Immersion Cooling

High-temperature electronic components are immersed in a cooling tank, and the heat from the chips will be transferred to the coolant. The coolant absorbs heat and undergoes a phase change into vapor, which is then condensed back into a liquid state using a condenser, circulating back into the cooling tank to continue the cycle of heat dissipation. This design can more effectively lowers the server temperatures and improves heat dissipation efficiency.

Immersed liquid cooling technology is different from air cooling systems that require the cooperation of other equipment. Its simple heat dissipation process reduces the need for additional cooling devices, while improving cooling efficiency and reduceing energy comsumption.
※It not only relies on the flow of coolant but also relies on gasification to take away more waste heat. [Liquid and gas→two phases]

Industrial Application of Ultra-Low Temperature Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump: Electronic Fluoride Liquid Transportation

In Addition to Cooling Servers, What Are the Other Broad Uses of Fluorinated Fluids?

  • Semiconductor fabrication plant
  • Oxygen supply system cleaning
  • Spray formulations
  • Precision cleaning
  • Archive preservation
  • Preservation of biological samples
  • Organic Rankine Cycle

Characteristics of electronic fluorinated fluid PFPE

  1. Colorless, odorless and non-toxic
  2. Good thermal stability
  3. Good chemical stability
  4. High material compatibility
  5. Wide liquid temperature range
  6. High dielectric strength and non-conductive

The stable characteristics of electronic fluorinated liquid make it highly suitable for electronic single-phase and two-phase heat transfer applications, providing rapid heat conduction and ensuring that electronic components and circuits will not be damaged, thereby increasing chip computing performance.

When using electronic fluorinated liquids, special attention should be paid to the operating temperature range of the fluorinated fluid, which is usually between -60 °C~165 °C. Therefore, in the process of transporting fluorinated liquids, the temperature resistance of the transport equipment should be carefully considered first, and then whether there is a risk of liquid leakage.

Transporting Electronic Fluorinated Liquids with Professional Ultra-Low Temperature Pumps

When electronic fluorinated liquids are used as coolants, it is necessary to keep extremely low temperatures in order to rapidly absorb the heat generated by high-temperature electronic components. It needs to be transported with a suitable pump to ensure the stable operation of the entire system.

In this regard, the PTCXPUMP metallic magnetic drive pump series provides the perfect solution with ultra-low temperature pumps. The PTCXPUMP ultra-low temperature metallic magnetic drive pump(FPM Series) can withstand temperatures as low as -100°C, ensuring the stable transportation of low-temperature electronic fluorinated liquids for you. Additionally, the sealless design eliminates costly fluid leakage issues, helping you save on operational costs. By choosing FPM Series, you can safely apply them to the transportation of electronic fluorinated liquids, achieving excellent energy-saving effects and moving towards green carbon reduction goals.

Industrial Application of Ultra-Low Temperature Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump: Electronic Fluoride Liquid Transportation

Advantages of PTCXPUMP Ultra-Low Temperature Metal Magnetic Pump in Electronic Fluorinated Liquid Transportation

  1. Suitable for ultra-low temperature processes, ensuring the coolant temperature is maintained during transportation
  2. Prevent leakage and ensure safe operation
  3. Unique structural design to improve production efficiency
  4. Low maintenance requirements and extended equipment service life

How to Effectively Save Equipment Energy and Reduce Maintenance Costs? What You Need Is the Right Pumps and Professional Team!

PTCXPUMP helps you select the right pump, eliminating the risk of incorrect selection and cost waste. We also provide professional maintenance services to ensure the safe use of the equipment system. With over 40 years of pump industry experience, PTCXPUMP stands as the prime choice for customers seeking reliability. Since we are familiar with the importance of industrial characteristics for pump selection, we will help you customize the most suitable pump based on pump performance, specifications, and operating conditions provided by customers. This not only improves equipment system efficiency but also reduces unnecessary energy consumption and maintenance costs.

The demand for AI server cooling has become a trend, and the safe and efficient immersion liquid cooling technology is the best cooling method today. If you are also related to liquid-cooling applications in the semiconductor industry, please feel free to contact us. We will promptly assist you in selecting the appropriate model of ultra-low temperature magnetic drive pumps.