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Metallic Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Pump Used in Electronic-Grade Chemicals

Metallic Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Pump Used in Electronic-Grade Chemicals

In the field of electronic manufacturing, we pursue not only high quality, but also perfection in product details. Therefore, when we transfer electronic-grade chemicals from the factory into the process, we must carefully select the most suitable pumping system. There are many key factors to consider, including material compatibility, performance requirements and applications. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of electronic grade chemicals and provide practical advice on pump selection, so you can choose the most suitable pump equipment!

The Importance of Electronic-Grade Chemicals to the AI And Semiconductor Industries

AI applications have penetrated deeply into our daily lives, with AI technology is rapidly breaking through the imagined limitations and exhibiting remarkable performance in many applications. Manufacturers of AI-related technologies continue to optimize the accuracy, speed, and other items of AI chips, striving for higher computational efficiency. As the demand for R&D and production of AI chips continues to increase, it also drives significant growth in the market for electronic-grade chemicals in the semiconductor industry.

Especially in advanced manufacturing processes, the demand for purity of electronic-grade chemicals is increasing. The quality and purity of these chemicals are critical to the semiconductor manufacturing process, so the pumps used in the production process need to have specific specifications to meet stringent process requirements.

What Are Electronic-Grade Chemicals?

Electronic grade chemicals are mainly used for manufacturing precision device products. Common electronic-grade chemicals include various solvents, acids, alkalis, and other special chemicals. These solvents are specially formulated, with extremely high purity requirements, typically far exceeding the standards of general industry chemicals.

Common chemical fluids in industrial applications include IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide), Aceton, ETOH (Ethyl Alcohol), etc.

The Application of Electronic-Grade Chemicals

Use in semiconductor and optoelectronic industries, solvent chemical to remove photoresist, impurities, developer or etching.

Metallic Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Pump Used in Electronic-Grade Chemicals

The Key to Ensuring The Quality of Electronic Products: Quality Control of Electronic-Grade Chemicals

Electronic-grade chemicals are often used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic components and must meet strict purity and quality requirements to ensure the performance and reliability of the final product. The quality of electronic-grade chemicals will directly affect the quality of electronic products. Therefore, special manufacturing and inspection procedures are usually required to ensure that their purity is maintained at the required standards and that they are free from any impurities that could potentially contaminate the semiconductor manufacturing process.

10 Types of Electronic-Grade Chemicals

There is a wide variety of electronic-grade chemicals, with common examples including the following acids and alkaline solutions:

  1. Electronic-grade Potassium Hydroxide
  2. Electronic-grade Sodium Hydroxide
  3. Electronic-grade Acetic Acid
  4. Electronic-grade Sulfuric Acid
  5. Electronic-grade Nitric Acid
  6. Electronic-grade Hydrochloric Acid
  7. Electronic-grade Phosphoric Acid
  8. Electronic-grade Copper Sulfate
  9. Electronic-grade Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
  10. Electronic-grade Acetone

In addition to the electronic-grade chemicals mentioned above, there are many other chemicals available in electronic-grade quality according to different process requirements to produce high-performance electronic products.

In terms of characteristics, these electronic-grade acids, alkalis, and alcohols are corrosive, flammable, and explosive. Therefore, more attention must be paid to safety during liquid transportation to prevent chemical leakage and potential danger.

The Key to Ensuring High Purity of Electronic-Grade Chemicals!

To maintain chemical purity, you must use professional pumps that meet process requirements.

PTCXPUMP metallic stainless steel magnetic drive pump uses SUS316L stainless steel as the standard material, which has excellent corrosion resistance. The sealless design can avoid chemical leakage causing operational danger and environmental pollution. Pumps are widely used in the semiconductor or PCB industry to transport purified chemical fluids and electronic-grade solvent products. They are used to clean and remove residual substances in the semiconductor manufacturing process, ensuring the purity of the surface of electronic components.

Metallic Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Pump Used in Electronic-Grade Chemicals

5 Advantages of PTCXPUMP Metallic Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Pump in Electronic-Grade Chemical Transfer

In the transfer of electronic-grade chemicals, the use of metallic stainless steel magnetic drive pumps offers the following advantages:

  1. Suitable for high-purity processes to ensure that chemical properties are maintained during transportation.
  2. Corrosion-resistant, suitable for chemical environments.
  3. Leak-proof, ensuring safe operation.
  4. Unique structural design to improve production efficiency.
  5. Low maintenance requirements and extended equipment service life.

Due to the sealless magnetic pumps’ leak-free characteristics and their sturdy stainless steel material, they can cope with the corrosive challenges of various chemical fluids. In electronic-grade chemical applications, the "PTCXPUMP metallic stainless steel magnetic drive pump" can safely transport corrosive solvents while achieving industry-leading high efficiency, which can effectively reduce operation costs.

Professional Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps Manufacturer: PTCXPUMP

PTCXPUMP helps you select the right pump, eliminating the risk of incorrect selection and cost waste. We also provide professional maintenance services to ensure the safe use of the equipment system. With over 40 years of profound pump experience, PTCXPUMP stands as the prime choice for customers seeking reliability. Since we are familiar with the importance of industrial characteristics for pump selection, we will help you tailor the most suitable pump based on pump performance, specifications, and operating conditions provided by customers. This not only improves equipment system efficiency but also reduces unnecessary energy consumption and maintenance costs.

If you are looking for a safe fluid transfer solution in electronic-grade chemical applications, please feel free to contact us and we will immediately assist you in selecting the appropriate type of magnetic drive pump.