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Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps V.S. Mechanical Seal Pumps

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps
The sealless design structure is to use rear casing to completely seal the inner magnet, impeller and other wetted parts in the fluid chamber. Outer magnet transmits by motor shaft and inner magnet is connected to the impeller which rotates by magnetic traction and transfer fluid through the pump. Due to the isolation of the fluid by a rear casing, it creates a sealless containment. The sealless design brings leak feature.

Mechanical Seal Pump
A mechanical seal pump uses a driven motor to directly rotate the impeller and transfer fluid. The difference of a mechanical seal pump is that a motor shaft goes through rear casing and requires a mechanical seal to prevent any leak. Mechanical seals are consumables and maintenance or replacement is required for long-term use. Fluids often leak through the seal position and cause danger in a mechanical seal pump.