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What Are the Advantages of Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps in Hydrogen Electrolyzers?

Advantages of sealless magnetic pumps in hydrogen production and storage applications

With the continuous development of modern industry and technology, exhaust gas pollution has become a major issue, and hydrogen, as a clean and efficient energy carrier, has attracted more and more attention. Previously, PTCXPUMP shared the application of hydrogen energy, the concept of hydrogen economy and hydrogen production technology. If you want to have a preliminary understanding of hydrogen energy, you can refer to:Applications of Hydrogen Energy and Applicable Pumps.

Next, we will introduce the very important equipment in the hydrogen energy industry—electrolyzer and hydrogen storage tanks. Since hydrogen is an explosive gas, and hydrogen molecules are small and easy to leak, the safety of hydrogen storage tanks and transportation is crucial. As an advanced pumping technology, sealless magnetic drive pumps are increasingly used in hydrogen generation electrolyzers. This article will introduce the use environment of sealless magnetic drive pumps in electrolyzers, and discuss the application of pumps in hydrogen storage and transportation.

How Do the Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps Work? Features of the Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

The sealless magnetic drive pump is a pump driven indirectly by magnetic force. It mainly uses the combination of outer magnet and inner magnet to generate a magnetic field, which provides power to the impeller to drive the pump to transfer liquid. The sealless magnetic drive pump has the characteristics of no leakage and safe use. It can be widely used in many corrosive, toxic, flammable and explosive environments.

For more features of sealless magnetic pumps, please refer to the detailed introduction:【What's A Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump & How Does It Work?

Advantages of sealless magnetic pumps in hydrogen production and storage applications

Application of Pumps in Hydrogen Storage Tanks

In hydrogen storage tanks, pumps are mainly used in the following aspects:

  1. Hydrogen Delivery

    Common hydrogen storage methods are divided into "Compressed Hydrogen", "Liquefied Hydrogen", "Metal Hydrides" and "Carbon Nanotubes". Among them, high-pressure hydrogen storage and liquid hydrogen storage are relatively mature technologies today. The principle of high-pressure hydrogen storage is to compress hydrogen under high pressure and store it in a high-density gaseous form in a high-pressure container. It is currently the most common hydrogen storage method. Pumps are mainly used to transport hydrogen from production equipment or pipelines to storage tanks.

  2. Hydrogen Recovery

    The pump can be used to recover used hydrogen into the storage tank, realizing hydrogen recycling and reducing energy consumption.

Application of Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump in Hydrogen Electrolyzer

When it comes to the types of hydrogen, it is divided into gray hydrogen, green hydrogen, blue hydrogen, brown hydrogen, etc. Regarding their manufacturing methods and differences, as well as the electrolysis technology for hydrogen production, you can also read in the article【Applications of Hydrogen Energy and Applicable Pumps】to know.

In hydrogen electrolysis technology, sealless magnetic drive pumps can help you successfully perform the following tasks.

  1. Deliver electrolyte
    The sealless magnetic drive pump is used to stably transport the electrolyte to the electrolytic tank. Since the electrolyte is mostly chemically corrosive, care must be taken not to leak during the delivering process. In this case, a sealless magnetic drive pump made of corrosion-resistant materials must be used. Its characteristics ensure the continuity and stable operation of the hydrogen production process.
  2. Cooling system
    During hydrogen production, hydrogen and oxygen are electrolyzed and separated, which must be output after washing, gas-liquid separation, cooling, purification, deoxygenation, and drying, and finally high-purity hydrogen is obtained. The cooling step is because the temperature of the alkaline solution will rise when electrolyzing water. In order to control stability, the temperature of the alkaline solution in the electrolyzer must be maintained at 85-90°C, so it must be cooled down. There is a cooling water tank in the system. The coolant should be water with high purity, without any acidity or alkalinity. The coolant is transported to the cooler through a sealless magnetic drive pump to ensure the purity of the coolant.

Advantages of Sealless Magnetic Pumps in Hydrogen Production and Storage Applications

In the hydrogen production process, the use of sealless magnetic drive pumps has the following advantages:

  1. Ensure safe operation
  2. Improve production efficiency
  3. Reduce energy consumption
  4. Extend the service life of equipment

Due to the leak-free characteristics of the mag drive pump, by using it in hydrogen production technology equipment, it can not only safely avoid the hidden worries of electrolyte and coolant leakage, but also effectively reduce your operating costs.

As the demand for hydrogen energy continues to grow, the scale of the production end will inevitably expand, and the global hydrogen economy will have the opportunity to develop rapidly. How to take advantage of the upstream hydrogen production and hydrogen electrolyzers?

◆ Confirm the process environment → Consult with professional pump suppliers → Complete evaluation → Correct selection

PTCXPUMP specializes in providing sealless magnetic drive pumps, integrating R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service to provide a full range of services. If you are looking for a transportation solution that improves efficiency in the field of hydrogen energy applications, or want to know more about the application of sealless magnetic drive pumps in hydrogen production, please feel free to contact us at any time, and we will immediately assist you in choosing the suitable magnetic drive pump.