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Why Should You Use Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps?

  Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump Mechanical Seal Pump
Leak Problem Leak-free feature for handling hazardous or volatile chemicals. Mechanical seal design with leak concerns, not recommend for handling hazardous or volatile chemicals.
Installation and Maintenance A sealless magnetic drive pump provides quick and easy installation without special tools. Special tools are required for maintenance or replacement of mechanical seal, and aligning is required for installation to keep the balance during operation.
Extra Monitoring The use of operating fluid for heat dissipation and lubrication, and no additional equipment for cooling or monitoring. Extra equipment needed to monitor the pressure and temperature on the mechanical seal, and refluxing tube to lubricate the seal.
Cost Effectiveness No additional monitoring or maintenance is required to improve the pump life cycle which reduces labor and time during installation and maintenance. Mechanical seals are consumable parts and require regular replacement, which is costly. The maintenance, complicated installation and replacement often increase downtime.
Safety Leak-free for better environment. Mechanical seals have leak or VOCs problem during operation which will cause safety concerns for the environment and users.