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Explosion-proof Markings and Classifications

Why do you need to use explosion-proof motors? Explosion-proof motors are mainly used in harsh environments. In the process environment, the air will contain flammable substances, including gas or dust. When a specific concentration is reached, once there is an ignition source, it will cause fire or explosion. Explosion-proof motors can prevent explosions by isolating thermal energy from contact with combustibles and controlling the operating temperature of the motor. When the commonly used sealless magnetic drive pump or centrifugal pump is equipped with an explosion-proof motor, we can call it explosion-proof magnetic pump or explosion-proof centrifugal pump. The explosion-proof motor is selected according to the environment and process. The following will introduce the markings and classifications of explosion-proof equipments.


Explosion-proof marking refers to the mark used to describe the explosion-proof grade, temperature group, protection type and applicable environment of ​​explosion-proof electrical equipment.

The common explosion-proof classification standards mainly include IECEx and ATEX, as well as NEC and CEC.

IECEx: An international, worldwide explosion-proof standard defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). An international certification system helps reduce testing and certification costs for manufacturers, allowing the unified standards to be applied in different countries. IECEx is also stricter than ATEX in the certification process.

ATEX: Basically similar to IECEx, but only used in European countries.

NEC: For use in the United States only.

CEC: For use in Canada only.

The following describes the meaning of each indication of the two major standards, IECEx and ATEX.


IECEx ex. 


ATEX ex.

Whether it is temperature, gas or dust, the environment where the equipment is located, etc., there are many factors that determine the specifications of the motor. After the above introduction, when selecting an explosion-proof motor, the meaning of these specifications can be more clearly understood.

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